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A Place Of Miracles, Signs And Wonders


We believe Jesus Christ as the only true Way to the Heavenly Father and that through faith in Him, we will have access to eternal life. Listen to the some powerful messages that will transform your life.


Help us fulfill our main mission of winning souls for Christ. This mission will be a success with your generousity. No amount is too small, sow a seed now and help spread the Gospel worldwide.


Our God is the Alpha and the Omega and there is the need to to make time for him daily. Read the Bible and communicate (pray) to HIM everyday. This will Take you to the next level and grow in spirit.

Pastor Clement Yanney

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Pastor Clement Yanney is the President of Endtime Prayer Ministries Worldwide. He is a Ghanaian and has served in ministry since his childhood. He was born to Mr. & Mrs. Albert K. A. Yanney and he's one of four children, two boys, and two girls. God used his experiences and his teaching to anoint him to develop disciples, save the lost and empower men through God's word. He also delivers men from bondage & oppression. On May 22nd, 2014, he had an encounter with God that transformed his life. In that encounter, God gave him a clear mandate to raise people through miracles, signs, wonders and sound teaching of the Word which is rooted in deep revelation & the demonstration of the reality of the Spirit of the Word of God.

Pastor Yanney believes in the power of God, Holy Ghost, Resurrection and the second coming of Christ. He operates in the five-fold office. His ministration is characterized by deep deliverance, power demonstration, restoration, healing, signs & miracles.

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Endtime Prayer Ministries

Endtime Prayer Ministries, Endtime America, Pastor Clement YanneyThis is a ministry that has been given the commission to raise a generation of miracles, signs & wonders. This ministry was birthed in the place of prayer & fasting after seeking the face of God.

God gave His servant Pastor Clement Yanney a mandate to demonstrate the Power of God through sound teaching of the Word, revelation of the Holy Spirit & the demonstration of God's power to save the lost & bring restoration back to believers & the church.

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Knowledge they say is power, read on what others have written and gain more power. Read articles from great inspirational preachers and feel inspired and motivated.

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Are you going through hardship, or is there anything that you want God to do? Keep calm and know that our God is Supreme. Join our Prayer Lines to turns tables in our favor.

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Our God is a miraculous one and He continues to do more for His children. Know what God is doing, has done and about to do for His children. You can also share yours with us here.

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