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2020 Our Year Of Possession  & Wealth

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End Time Prayer Ministries International Inc

This ministry was birthed in the place of prayer & fasting after seeking the face of God. God gave

His servant Pastor Clement Yanney a mandate to demonstrate the Power of God through sound teaching of the Word, revelation of the Holy Spirit & the demonstration of God's power to save the lost & bring restoration back to believers & the church. We are a multicultural church.

This ministry is one that was built on the strong foundation of prayer and holiness which has become the cornerstone of this great ministry.

Pastor Clement Yanney

Prophet Clement Yanney is the President of Endtime Prayer Ministries Worldwide, married and a native of Ghana. Prophet Yanney has served in ministry since his childhood. He was born to Mr. & Mrs. Albert K. A.

Yanney and he's one of four children, two boys and two girls. God used his experiences and his teaching to anoint him to develop disciples, save the lost, & empowers men through God's word, and deliver men from bondage & oppression. On May 22nd, 2014, he had an encounter with

God that transformed his life. In that encounter, God gave him a clear mandate to raise a holy people through the sound teaching of God’s Word, demonstration of power & making the Holy Spirit evident to them.

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