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I own a business and employed people, God showed me favor,
to start my business I needed $ 55000 for capital, man of God prophesied and said God is sending me a helper,
To my joy and suprise I received strange help,the $55000 was not needed only $3500 was needed on top of that God send me a helper who paid for me, I own a cleaning business,
I thank God for the grace upon Apostle Clement Yanney, all glory be to God, Marco from Dallas.
Date of Posting: 03 May 2018
Posted By: Dallas
To God be the glory my name is Mel staying in the UK, I connected to the Endtime ministry prayer line in 2014
I have been staying in the UK for 20 years without papers, had an opportunity to talk to Apostle Clement Yanney whom I told my problem about papers and he said God will surprise me with papers,
Yes I got more than what I expected from God all I believed God for, was normal papers that will grant me a stay, but no God had a greater surprise for me, in May 2015 I received my citizenship, I thank God for the surprise He spoke through His servant Apostle Yanney,I'm so happy, God bless.
Date of Posting: 03 May 2018
Posted By: Ruth
The God that has brought me this far by His grace and mercy to Him be all glory and honor.
Since I connected to endtime prayer ministry I've experienced total healing and my life is not the same,
Apostle Yanney gave me a prophesy about my anemia and breathing problems, and said God healed me,
Indeed I was suffering from severe menstrual cycle problems for over 20 years due to a condition called sickle cell anemia & had severe pains each time, shortage of blood and spend a lot of sleepless nights, I have received my healing and can proudly say for the first time after so many years of struggle, I've experienced my cycle with no trace of pain.
Finally I would like to thank my papa, Apostle Yanney, may God continue to use you so mightily and bless you, from Sister Betty Jaka.
Date of Posting: 03 May 2018
Posted By: Betty Jaka

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