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I will like to share this testimony to the glory of God.In 2009, I traveled home to Sierra Leone, during that visit, I had a dream that someone injected me four times in the dream, I woke up with severe pain from my waist down.I have done everything but I have lived with the pain for all these years.When papa traveled to Philadelphia, he touched and laid hands on me.The devil wanted to make me feel it was still there, I said to the devil, my prophet have prayed for me so I return the pain back to you.After pastor declared a 3 days fast from last week, 6/7/2016, I participated fully, to the glory of God, I have not been feeling the pain again. I waited a week to be sure the pain was gone and to the Glory of God. 7 years of waist pain is gone.I thank God for the grace upon Pastor Clement.
Date of Posting: 15 July 2016
Posted By: Florence
Good morning Pastor, I just want to thank God for using you yesterday to heal me. I was on prayer line yesterday when you said there was some body having back pain and it was gone right now, I claimed it. I have been having the same pain for almost a month and it has refused to go, but yesterday after the prophetic word from you, the pain is gone totally.I give God the glory and thank God for you.
Date of Posting: 15 July 2016
Posted By: Beatrice
Austin TX
I write this testimony to the glory of God for His mighty hand of healing power. In 2O14 , I fell down from a flight of 14 stairs and broke two right ribs and the right shoulder (collar bone). I lost consciousness and stopped breathing for about a minute. I was hospitalized for 2 days, and after refusing surgery on my shoulder to align the broken ends I was discharged. From that point on I was in constant pain, aches and discomfort. I only started using my right hand to even scrub my back when taking bath early this year. But yesterday evening (July 8), while on the prayer line , Apostle brought the divine word that a man who had a broken right shoulder was being healed- that Jesus was aligning the broken bones. I shouted out that it was me although no one heard me but Jesus. This morning I went into the bathroom and stood before the mirror to compare my shoulders , and saw indeed that there was no difference in their configuration; that is, there was no noticeable deformity in my right shoulder as before. I am healed. To God be the glory. Amen, and Amen.
Date of Posting: 15 July 2016
Posted By: Abdul
I was introduced to Endtime Ministries Prayer line by Mama Charlotte  [Apostle’s mother ]. My daughter had her first menses at age 11 and she continued bleeding everyday for over 2 years. I took her to hospital several times and all the medical tests proved there was nothing wrong with her. I informed Apostle who prayed for her and said the bleeding will stop. To the glory of God, the bleeding stopped after a few days. I thank God for the grace upon Apostle’s life. To God be the glory.
Date of Posting: 01 June 2016
Posted By: Agnes
New York
Praise the Lord.
My name is Mary Muna from Philadelphia. I was introduced to the man of God on May 25, 2016 and I was suffering from CERVICAL CANCER. The man of God ministered and said cancer is leaving and that we should go back to check again with our doctors. I went to see my doctor on May 31, 2016 and to God be the glory I am CANCER FREE. God is really using the man of God Prophet Yanney. Do not take his instructions for granted. Come join us for your breakthrough
Date of Posting: 31 May 2016
Posted By: Mary Muna
I want to thank God for always coming through for me. My miracle this week is one that I'm yet to wake up from. I usually pay rent on the 1st of every month. For convenience sake I use the automatic payment. Just this morning, I decided to check my bank account to verify if they took the money out but to my surprise I didn't see any payment deducted so I went to our community website and checked my account to see why it hadn't been deducted( was actually thinking it could be a pending transaction that's why it hasn't reflected in my bank account yet). To my biggest surprise, I saw a zero($0.00) balance . I was like what are these people up to so I called the office to cross check what is actually going on . The lady checked and said you have a zero balance because you had excess money to cover for this month and therefore my next payment will be April,1.
Honestly, I don't recall ever paying excess for my rent. Moreover, the system only takes what you owe at the moment so there's no way I could have paid more and even the lady at the office said, I don't understand this because this is "WEIRD" but that's what the system says so you are okay for this month. When I hanged up , I went down on my knees and said thank you Jesus Christ for such a big savings. Our God is a prayer answering God.This is a miracle I can't contain alone, I needed to share this. I'm so much grateful Lord. Thank you Jesus.
Date of Posting: 03 March 2016
Posted By: Vida
Atlantic City, NJ
God bless you Man of God
Date of Posting: 19 January 2016
Posted By: line
My name is Line. .I met daddy apostle Clement in November 2015 in chicago...since He has blessed me and has been praying for me....I went through the fast of the end of december..I have been jobless for six months....and the 31st of December 2 hours before the crossing over...I go prayer a job a job interview and was hired immediately. ..may God continues to use you mightily to bless not only people but nations...God bless you daddy, Houston
I have been married for 11 years without a child, on prayer line, I told the man of God to pray for me because my husband was about to divorce me.
He prayed and prophesied that within 55 days I will conceive.
To God be the Glory, I got pregnant as the man of God said, I'm now 3 months pregnant with a boy. I return all the praises to the God of this commission. Amen and amen.
Date of Posting: 24 December 2015
Posted By: Emelia
Oh, Jesus still heals! I had a lump in my right breast and on prayer line, the man of God said God is healing someone with cancer in the breast.
To God be the Glory, I went for my mammogram and it showed that there's no lump in my breast again. I return all the Glory to God.
Date of Posting: 24 December 2015
Posted By: Antie Agie
Healed of cancer, Lump in the breast, September 2015.
I was connected to the prayer line by my auntie Pastor Marlene.
I had a lump in my breast which I told the man of God, he prayed for me and told me I am healed and I should stick to the prayer line.
To God be the Glory, the mammogram showed that there is no lump in my breast and I have been totally healed.
Date of Posting: 22 December 2015
Posted By: Mrs Delores
Hartford, USA

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